Out the window

This episode discusses our move to Mastodon, the fate of many third-party apps and Windows clients for Twitter, and a few product-related updates.

For those like us who are new to Mastodon, we discuss some Twitter comparisons and basic vocabulary to help get you started.

Join our Mastodon instance here. Already a Mastodon user? Follow us individually at:

want to use a Windows client to explore Mastodon? Check out options including Tweesecake and TWBlue.

Speaking of TWBlue, our documentation for it will soon be available for free on our Mystic Access Downloads site. While it’s pretty Twitter-specific, it can still support you in familiarizing yourself with the TWBlue Windows client if you wish to explore using it with Mastodon.

We also discuss another product which will soon make its way to the Free downloads site, the documentation we did for the now discontinued IWalk talking power bank. Keep a look out for it at MysticAccessDownloads.com. We hope to have both these products available there within a week or so.

Finally, listen as we talk about two potential new Mystic Access projects; documentation about how to successfully shop on Windows and via apps using screen readers, and a deep dive into YouTube TV.

Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy today’s episode.

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
Out the window

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