Thanksgiving Miscellany and 100th Podcast Episode

In today’s episode (we’re celebrating episode #100.)  Chris and Kim begin by sharing about some new devices they’re using to make their lives more comfortable and convenient.

First, we talk about our great-sounding Logitech headphones that we’re now using to conduct our podcasts.  For their price point, they’re very impressive.

Next, Chris talks about his new Gate House keyless entry lock. Easily programmable by sighted and blind alike, it offers a number of features to make you feel more secure, including one-time use codes and a telephone style keypad for easy entry of your codes.

Kim then discusses her new Francois et Mimi Bluetooth 4.0 ear buds. With three sets of ear tips to choose from for maximum personal comfort, nice audio tones to help with navigating your options, and pleasant American female voice prompts, these are a nice choice at under $30.  The sound is also really good at this price point.

On a more serious topic, we then spend a couple of minutes discussing the consequences of piracy to the product creators and developers.  We encourage our listeners to be respectful to the dreams and passion that goes into product creation by actually purchasing the product from the creator.  For many of us, this is more than a job… it’s a dream, and piracy puts those dreams, as well as businesses and incomes, in dire jeopardy.

Next, we move onto the topic of Thanksgiving, and Chris and Kim each share one thing they’re grateful for in 2015.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, guess what’s right after Thanksgiving?  Why, Black Friday, of course!  We remind you to sign up for our announce-only mailing list, where we post Mystic access news, product creation updates, and, best of all, coupons and discounts, many of which are exclusive to our mailing list subscribers!  If you want to receive our best Black Friday to Cyber Monday deals, we encourage you to subscribe right now while you’re thinking about it.


We want to wish all of our U.S. listeners a safe, happy and joy-filled Thanksgiving holiday.  And to all of our listeners, we are grateful for your time and patronage of our podcast!  Thank you!

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
Thanksgiving Miscellany and 100th Podcast Episode

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