The Mystic Access Express

Climb aboard for this exciting episode of the Mystic access podcast, where, as usual, we have announcements and demos to make your holidays brighter.

Chris is excited to announce that the From Window-Eyes to The Future class that he recently taught will be turning into a product later this week. Stay tuned to the website, or subscribe to our regular newsletter (from any page of the site) for info on the product release.

Speaking of new products, Kim discusses her upcoming product entitled Browse Happy, which explores tips, tricks and methods to support you in browsing the internet with greater ease and efficiency, no matter your screen reader or browser. It won’t be released until February 5, 2018, but is available for pre-order right now. You won’t be charged for the product until the release date.

If you want to get some products at a discount, Kim hints that there may be another sale in our near future. Stay tuned to the site and the newsletter to find out when it begins.

We have three demos for you this time around. Chris begins by showing you his new [amazon text=Christmas train&asin=B01M2YUBCC] that sits in the tree rather than under it. Lisa then helps your house to smell nice for the holidays by showing you her [amazon text=Glade automatic air freshener&asin=B004GCUK8A] and demonstrating how it works. Finally, if you’re traveling this holiday, or just need some extra room and / or a creative way to display your stuff, you may enjoy Kim’s guided tour of her [amazon text=Lay-n-Go bag.&asin=B00B04V3PQ]

Enjoy possibly finding something for your own list to Santa, or a present for someone you love on this episode. We appreciate having you as a listener!

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
The Mystic Access Express

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