The Voice Of God Was Screaming At Me

In this episode, the gang is excited to tell you about a trio of newly-released products from Mystic Access. These include Lisa’s mini tutorial on the Apple AirPods, which is available on a sliding scale to fit your budget. Kim is thrilled that her Stress Les , Browse Happy internet navigation tutorial is now available for purchase. She’s particularly proud of this labor of love, and hopes that many new and long-time screen reader users will find it of value to make their internet browsing a less frustrating and more fun experience.

We also have a new water resistant Bluetooth speaker in our lineup that we’re really excited to share. You can play SD card, auxiliary, and can use it as an SD card reader for PC, and, most exciting to us, you can use it as a sound card for your screen reader or other computer audio. Lisa shares a demo of how to configure it to work as a sound card reader for both JAWS and NVDA. As with all of our speakers, it has voice prompts for ease of use, and if you buy it from Mystic Access, we include a comprehensive forty-minute tutorial to get you up and running. Learn more about the speaker and purchase here, or if you’re an international customer, or would just prefer to purchase the tutorial as a stand-alone product, you can do so here.

We’re happy to announce our free teleseminar for February, The Sound of Sonos. If you’re curious to learn about a diverse music system with a powerful sound and set of features, join us for this very musical class. You can join from iOS, Android, Fire OS, PC, Mac or the good old phone. Get all the call info by joining our free teleclasses mailing list.

Chris demonstrates a cool Alexa-related toy, [amazon text=the Echo Connect.&asin=B076ZRFP6Y] The team talks about the advantages and disadvantages of it’s use, and provide a live demonstration.

Finally, we enter the Mystic Access magic castle to chat with Shelly Brisbin about the latest edition of her book, iOS Access for All. If you’re an iOS user, whether beginner or advanced, there’s something in this book for you. We give it our highest recommendation. Buy directly from Shelly as a EPUB or PDF, or from the iBooks store.

We hope you enjoy today’s episode. Thanks for being a listener!

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
The Voice Of God Was Screaming At Me

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