Updates, Tricks, and Treats with Mystic Access

In this episode, Chris and Kim share several noteworthy Mystic Access-related news items, and then have a bit of fun.

First up, Chris and Kim share that four new tutorials are currently in pre-production, including one on the Chicken Nugget accessible Twitter client. Kim talks a bit about some of the challenges that go into creating a tutorial. To be the first to learn when the Chicken Nugget tutorial is released, please email:
with “Chicken Nugget Tutorial” in the subject line, and we’ll put you on our priority list.

Chris shares some updated thoughts on his two new accessible vacuums, after having used both for several weeks. Then we share more about our exciting new personalized tutorial creation service which is now available.

We have fun sharing about what we’re reading on Audible, and then fantasize about what we would most want to get in our trick-or-treat baskets. Chris would love to get this cool new Star Wars laptop, while Kim’s idea of a tasty treat is the Vario Ultra 20 braille displayfrom Baum.

Finally, we remind you about the benefits of signing up for the Mystic access mailing list.We’d love to have you as a subscriber. Oh, did we mention you get exclusive coupons? 😉

We hope you enjoy this episode!

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
Updates, Tricks, and Treats with Mystic Access

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