Webdrive, Star Wars Bop It! and Echo Tutorial Launch

In this podcast episode Chris first discusses the Webdrive FTP client and talks about the screen reader menu item he found that enables accessibility in the WebDrive client.

Next Chris talks about the Bop It! games and plays with the Star Wars R2D2 Bop It! he got for Christmas.

Chris and Kim talk about the latest books they are reading through Audible as they sponsored this episode. Chris is reading a dramatized version of Treasure Island By Robert Louis Stevenson, Barnaby Edwards. Kim is reading a biography of Queen Mary I of England. The book is called Bloody Mary by Carolly Erickson.


Here are the names of the two books Chris recently purchased but couldn’t remember:

Everest 1953: The Epic Story of the First Ascent by Mick Conefrey and The Great Polar Fraud: Cook, Peary, and Byrd – How Three American Heroes Duped the World into Thinking They Had Reached the North Pole by Anthony Galvin.


Chris and Kim want to announce the Mystic Access Amazon Echo audio tutorial that is now for purchase. The tutorial is just under 6 hours in length and costs $39USD from MysticAccess.com. The first 12 people who purchase the tutorial will receive 20 minutes of free training to have their Amazon Echo questions answered.



Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
Webdrive, Star Wars Bop It! and Echo Tutorial Launch

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