We’re Back!!! with site News, Alexa Goodies and Discounts to Share!

The Mystic Access team is so happy to be back podcasting for all of you. We’ve been a long time away, and we thank you for your patience with us. we hope to be releasing a podcast bi-weekly from this point on.

In this action-packed episode, we begin by sharing some site news including how you can subscribe to our new free teleclass discussion list. For site and product news as well as the occasional exclusive discount, you may also join our free news list from any page on the website. Just scroll down to the appropriate heading that asks you to subscribe to the news list, and fill out the form below that message.

Chris also has very important news especially for Stream and QCast subscribers about how to make sure you’re receiving all of our latest podcasts. Follow his step-by-step instructions and you’ll be just fine.

In Alexa news, we talk about and demonstrate her new free calling and voice messaging abilities, and share a little about what we’ve learned concerning access to these new features.

Speaking of making phone calls, we found this great Alexa skill that will keep you from misplacing your phone! Chris demonstrates setting it up and using it, and the best news is, it doesn’t just work with cell phones!

For those of you who are new braille readers, or who wish to refresh your braille skills, we give the Braille Challenge skill a spin.

Finally in our quick Alexa skill tour, we show you how to experience some rest and relaxation with the amazing sleep and Relaxation Sounds skill. With all these great sounds to choose from, your old sleep machine may be relegated to your next yard sale.

To close us out, Kim shares about language profiles on the BrailleNote Touch, particularly exploring the use of Vocalizer voices. Don’t have a Touch? Other Android users can also grab the Vocalizer app for free in the Google Play Store. Voices are $3.99 a piece. If you’re a big Downton fan like Kim, you may particularly love Oliver! 🙂

Be sure to listen closely to this episode, as there’s a lot of important news to share, including a store discount that will only be available for a few more days!

Thanks for listening! Did I mention that we’re so happy to be back? 🙂

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
We’re Back!!! with site News, Alexa Goodies and Discounts to Share!

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