Why We Got in Trouble

We begin by thanking those of you who have purchased our newest product since its release. We think this information on how to protect yourself from scams is so important, and we’re so happy you’re enjoying learning more about this subject. To learn more about this audio documentation please visit this page.

Have you ever browsed Ebay for your assistive technology needs? How’d that work out for you? We share a cautionary tale of a recent experience we’ve had purchasing a braille display from an Ebay seller. We’ll share updates in a future episode.

Next, we take a stroll down memory lane. we’ve recently been thinking about our paths to today’s assistive technology, specifically braille devices and notetakers. We talk about what our older technology use to do for us, what features it contained, and how it has evolved through the years. We all use braille and braille displays/notetakers differently, but they have always made us more proficient both at work and at home. We’re amazed that any NLS patron can now get their own braille display for free. We’ve come such a long way! We hope you’ll enjoy this discussion and think about your own experiences, too.

Finally, we talk about our switch to Spectrum, why we did it, our thoughts so far in these very early stages, and the services we’ve purchased. we also demo the streaming service they offer. They have a box you can get called the Xumo Box, which can be connected to modern TVs. It does not connect via a coax cable. We didn’t get one of these.

I wanted to link to the 70 or so channel streaming service that we purchased and demo here, but have had a lot of trouble finding good information. It may be best to contact spectrum directly to get additional details about the exact name and channel info. I think it’s called Spectrum Stream, but please don’t quote me. Reach Spectrum by calling: 1-855-843-0996. We’ll share more about our journey, and demo additional Spectrum apps in upcoming episodes.

Thanks, as always, for listening.

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
Why We Got in Trouble

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