You Can Use Your VCR

Today’s episode is packed with updates, a demo we hope you’ll enjoy, and the chance to *finally* hang out with us later this month.

Yes, at last, we’re having another free event! This time we’re discussing computers. whether you’re buying one, procrastinating about buying one, or just confused on terminology, we hope to make this a fun and informative event with lots of time to ask your questions. What’s the difference between RAM and storage? What are must-have components when shopping for a new computer? What version of Windows or Mac should you get? What should you know as a screen reader or magnification user? We’ll share vocabulary, our own experiences, and give you the tools to discover more for yourself. We hope you’ll join us on Thursday, March 28, at 8:00 PM eastern time. Register your free seat at this link. If you know you’ll be unable to attend live, please don’t register for the event so someone else can have that seat. The event will be recorded for your enjoyment later. If you know others who may be interested, please send them to this page to register, too.

In a previous podcast episode, Chris asked you to remember the number 22. We now explain that mystery by introducing you to an amazing surge protector from SuperDanny. We use ours in our entertainment center and absolutely love it. We explain its features, and, of course, talk about all the things you can plug in with this cool tool. Visit this page to learn more. Please note that this is our Amazon affiliate link. Any purchases made through this link provide us a small commission. We never recommend products we don’t use and love ourselves.

This episode also brings us to the end of our Ebay braille display story that we’ve been sharing. There’s a happy ending, but one twist before we get there. Hope you’ve found our experience educational on your own journey in purchasing assistive technology.

If you’ve been following our Google doorbell adventure, it’s time for an update on the decisions we’ve made. We tell you whether we kept our Google doorbell, things we love and don’t love, and more, including our thoughts on sound quality and other features.

Finally, we end the podcast with a cool demo. This is a Windows program called Weather Monitor. We don’t know about its availability for Mac. Learn about its intuitive interface, features, how to add cities, and how to configure the program. Note that this is still in public beta. Activate this link to download a .zip file containing the program. We hope you like it, too.

Thanks, as always, for listening and spreading the word. We appreciate you!

Mystic Access Podcast
Mystic Access Podcast
You Can Use Your VCR

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