WebDrive FTP client

In this podcast I demonstrate WebDrive. This FTP client allows you to mount FTP sites as if they are networked drives. You can open files in your favorite text editor and save them. Instantly the site is updated.

Clone Wars Question and Answer Session 2011

On Saturday, October 08, 2011 at 3:00 PM I attended a Clone Wars Question and Answer session at Star Wars FanDays in Irving Texas. You can listen to the session with the clone wars voice actors. There is even a nice surprise at the end for one of the cast members.

Don’t just plan it, tripit.

Tripit is an online service that keeps track of your flight and hotel reservations. You sign up for an account at http://www.tripit.com and forward your trip confirmations to a special email address. A few minutes later you get a notification if the addition was successful. When you login you can see your trips planned. It … Read more

Grace Digital Announcer

This is a small talking caller id box that does one thing, it announces the name of incoming callers. You are not able to review calls you have missed. If all you need is something small that announces calls, give this product a try.