Microsoft Wireless Keyboards and Update on Victor Reader Stream Audio Tutorial

In today’s episode, Chris and Kim discuss their Microsoft wireless keyboards, and why they enjoy using these particular models.

Kim uses the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard for Business (V5S-00001), and loves her split space bar and luxurious wrist rest.  She also enjoys the spacing and the very smooth typing action.

Chris uses the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001), and shares about its separate wireless keypad, and the switch that transforms the function keys into media controls, for instance, mute, volume up, etc.

Chris and Kim describe the respective features and layouts of their keyboards, and even type for you so that you can hear the key sounds.

At the end, there are also exciting new announcements about our soon to be released New Generation Stream tutorial.  Listen to learn all!

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