A Little Bit Clippie

we have a special intro to open this week’s episode which we hope you’ll enjoy. We then jump into a reminder about this week’s upcoming event on entertainment and cleaning options for the smart home. If you’re ready to make your home smarter, more convenient, or more fun, you may enjoy attending the event at 8:30 PM ET on August 26, or downloading it afterwards when it’s available. All joining info will be mailed to our free Events list a couple days prior. Join the Events list from any page of the Mystic Access site, or when placing an order.

On our return to NY, we visited a person who is currently hospitalized. We share a bit about our experience, what we encountered on arrival, and some rules you may need to follow when visiting a loved one yourself.

We also had an interesting experience when going through security on our homeward journey. And no, it didn’t involve one of Chris’s cool electronics. Listen to find out more.

Finally, for those desiring to learn more about the new BlindShell cell phone, we have a demo, comparison with the original BlindShell Classic, and some info on the new phone’s upcoming release. We hope you find it helpful.

As always, thanks for listening.

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