No Pressure

Welcome to another episode, including a very insightful Castle segment. First, though, we discuss two timely upcoming events, including a question and answer session on the Evo E10 media player, and our free monthly March event, which is covering all things browser extensions. You need to be part or our Events list to receive the … Read more

A Button With Your Name On It

This week Chris returns to the Podcast. First Kim and Chris discuss the free event that will be held this coming Thursday evening. They update the listener on the Evo E10 audio tutorial as well as the new release dates for the 1Password and Fire TV tutorials. Finally Chris discusses the Freshly service. This service … Read more

The Kim Solo Edition

Kim is solo this time as Chris was under the weather. Kim starts by announcing our free class for February. Next she demonstrates the Zoom Accessibility Enhancements NVDA add-on. Next she demonstrates the Smart News app for iOS. There is also an Android version as well. Finally Kim demonstrates Music Zen, an app for iOS.

Fancy Terms

Chris and Kim start the episode by reminding us of the Evo E10 player class. Next we talk about our reward points system. It is currently on hiatus. When it returns, it will be magic beans instead of points. Also the beans will expire. Next we remind listeners about our newsletters and what you might … Read more

Top Author Billing

In this episode Chris and Kim start by talking about the upcoming 1password audio tutorial that is currently on pre-order. Next we update listeners on the progress of the Evo E10 DAISY player audio tutorial. Finally We go through a quick demo of Discovery+ on both iOS and Android. Thanks so much for being a … Read more