Better Than Black Friday

We have exciting news to begin this episode. We’re celebrating our upcoming wedding with the biggest discount on audio documentation we ever plan to offer. On Wednesday, August 11 only, we’re giving you a crazy forty percent discount on all digital documentation. If you’re new to us and want to try out a particular Mystic … Read more

Stadium Girl

We begin today’s episode by discussing our upcoming July event. Because there’s so much to say, and we haven’t talked about this topic in so long, this will be part one of a two-part event. Part two will occur in August. we’re discussing the smart home; namely security, comfort and cooking in your home, and … Read more

Suck Up An SD Card

In this episode we announce July’s free event. We than discuss the Wyze Robot Vacuum with LIDAR Mapping Technology. Chris gives his impressions and Chris and kim compare it to other vacuums. Next Chris describes the LC-dolida Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sleep Mask and Kim gives her thoughts on Chris’s mask and the one Kim uses. … Read more

The Picturesque Front Porch Edition

Welcome to today’s episode from my front porch in the beautiful NC mountains. Yes, Chris and I are physically together for this one. There’s a lot of fun discussion in addition to some beautiful ambient sounds, so it’s all best enjoyed with good stereo headphones, if possible. We primarily discuss our visit to the Historic … Read more

Coffee And Keyboards Don’t Mix

In this episode Chris and Kim remind listeners about the upcoming class on the 24th of June. They then discuss an accident Kim had with her mechanical gaming keyboard. They then discuss and demonstrate a sound bar for the computer that has Bluetooth 5.0. Thank you so much for being a podcast listener.

It Was So Dead It Couldn’t Ding

Welcome to another episode. We’re actually ahead of the eight ball this month, as we’re happy to announce June’s free class already. This one is about travel and leisure in the time of, hopefully, heading towards post Covid. What do you need to travel safely? How do you know when to wear a mask? We’ll … Read more

Probably A Blurry Photo

Chris and Kim dedicate this episode to the SuperSense app for iOS and Android. They demonstrate how it works and then are joined in the castle by Shane Lowe the Community Operations manager. They had a blast hanging in the castle with Shane.

A Crowded Castle

In this episode Chris and Kim first announce May’s free event. They then share their Covid19 vaccination experiences. Finally, they devote the remainder of the episode revealing the surprise they hinted about in the last couple of episodes. Enjoy!

Turn Off Speech

In this episode Chris and Kim have a discussion about Braille displays. They talk about the ones they are currently using and why they chose them.

Modifier Confusion

In this episode Chris and Kim speak with Andrew Flatters and Peter Tucic of Humanware. We discuss the Brailliant 20X and 40X braille displays. They briefly mention HW Buddy for iOS and Android.