Please Place Your Document

In this episode Chris and Kim discuss their new Ring Alarm Pro system. They discuss the benefits of the second generation wireless keypad for the alarm system. Finally, they unbox the LyriQ Assistive Reader and orient you to the device and demonstrate how it works. Note that we receive a small affiliate commission if you … Read more

From New York To California

In this episode Chris and Kim announce March’s free virtual event. It is all about travel, particularly regarding things they discovered on their recent cross-country trip to the CSUN conference. Next, they discuss some of the products they saw while attending the CSUN conference last week. These include the new Actilino 3.0 notetaker, Hable One … Read more

Big Red Quotes

In this episode we update listeners on the fate of our magic beans. They had to be discontinued but will return in the future. Kim shares with listeners what may happen when not paying attention when online, it wasn’t fun. Next Kim demonstrates her new sonic electric toothbrush for travel. Finally, Chris demonstrates Parcel an … Read more

Two Bad Apples

We begin this episode by sharing February’s event topic. We’ll be discussing the world of Android, comparing and contrasting it with iOS, and sharing where it shines brightest, especially when put up against Apple products. The event takes place on Thursday, February 24, at 8:30 PM ET. For all the infor you need to join … Read more

Contact Mom

In this episode we start by announcing our free event for February on Android. Next Chris and Kim discuss their recent experience tracking each other. using the Lyft and TripIt apps. If interested, here is an old podcast Chris recorded on TripIT. Thanks and enjoy this episode.

Between Eyeballs and Snow

Today’s episode begins with a very important announcement about audio documentation for the BlindShell Classic 2 phone. Many BlindShell customers have asked us about documentation, and we know how much you value audio instruction as part of your learning process. We’re truly sorry, and know many of you will be disappointed that isn’t available. Please … Read more