AVG Event Sounds, Christmas gifts and Retraction

In todays episode, Chris and Kim begin by publicly retracting their contest.  We wish to apologize, and are excited to share that we are beginning a new and improved contest whose winner will receive the Sharkk Bluetooth speaker and audio tutorial.  This

Thanksgiving Miscellany and 100th Podcast Episode

In today’s episode (we’re celebrating episode #100.)  Chris and Kim begin by sharing about some new devices they’re using to make their lives more comfortable and convenient. – First, we talk about our great-sounding Logitech headphones that we’re now…

MLWordTips, Using Microsoft Word for Windows from the keyboard.

In this episode Lynne Tatum from malynworks.com joins Chris and Kim to talk about her new iOS app, MLWordTips. This app is designed to give users simple easy to use keystrokes to get most tasks done in Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013 for Windows. The app en

Stocking Stuffers, Spreading the joy around

On November 9, 2015 Mystic Access was invited to Stocking Stuffers.  This presentation was in conjunction with Accessible World and Tek Talk. – We just wanted to share our portion of the presentation.  We even snuck in a coupon along the way. –

Amazon Echo Tek Talk Presentation

Chris gave a presentation on the amazon echo.  He demonstrates and talks about the features and functionality of the device.    Talks about the accessibility  of the iPad and android app.  Even demonstrates some third party skills.  The presentation was

Updates, Tricks, and Treats with Mystic Access

In this episode, Chris and Kim share several noteworthy Mystic Access-related news items, and then have a bit of fun. – First up, Chris and Kim share that four new tutorials are currently in pre-production,

Sounds, Sounds and More Sounds in Microsoft Office for Windows.

In this episode Chris talks about the “Provide Feedback With Sound” option in Microsoft Office for Windows.   He installs the sound pack in Office 2013, demonstrates how to activate it in the office products as well as shows where to assign different sou