Don’t Touch That Dial

This episode begins with our announcement of August’s free class, which demonstrated the power and productivity of Chromebooks. What’s a Chromebook and why might you want one? The event recording is now available, and you can download it here to learn more. We’ll soon have new audio documentation available about Chromebooks, demonstrating all that they … Read more

Atomic Perfectness

We begin today’s episode with some important reminders. You still have time to register for live participation in our Acquainting Yourself with Android classes. whether you’re bran new to Android or want to use it more competently, this class is a great way to increase your knowledge. Listen to the episode for more details about … Read more

John’s Bedroom

This week’s episode begins with an addendum to a topic covered in the last episode. Kim demonstrates the straight Talk apps available for iOS and Android. While she shows the iOS app as an example, you can download a very similar app for Android to use in conjunction with your Straight Talk plan. The apps … Read more

The Towers of The Big Four

If you’re ready to ditch your expensive cell service plan, or are researching cheaper alternatives, you may enjoy our first discussion in this episode. We talk about what to look for in a cell phone plan, including accessibility factors. we talk specifically about our experiences with Straight Talk Wireless, which Kim uses for her monthly … Read more

A Dot On The Wall

Chris and Kim begin this episode with announcements related to the rapidly approaching conventions. We’ll be posting our convention sales on the News page of the site right around the time this episode is released. We’ll also be sending them out to our News list subscribers, so check your inboxes. Our sales begin Thursday, July … Read more

Ride The Train With Us

Today’s episode is filled with timely announcements. We announce our free class for June, which is all about getting live assistance. Yes, we’ll be talking a bit about Aira, but also some types of live assistance that you may not immediately think of. Join our free Events mailing list of any page of the website … Read more

Hot Off The Braille Press

Today’s episode is devoted to a segment in the Mystic access magic castle. We were delighted to chat with Kesel Wilson, editor and programs manager with National Braille Press. Kesel shares about NBP’s founding, its mission and goals, and about the many departments that make the organization run smoothly, thereby providing us with so many … Read more

Goofy And Unprofessional

We start out this episode by telling you about our free class for May: Asking Questions that Get Answers. It will take place on Thursday, May 31 at 8:30 PM Eastern. To get all the details, please subscribe to our events list. You will find subscription information on each page of our site. Next we … Read more

A Little Shark Fairy

We start by discussing our free event for May. If you’d like to subscribe to our Events list to keep up to date, you can find the info to join on our main site, as well as on all of our pages. In a weird twist of fate, all members of the team now own … Read more

That Voice in The Cloud

The team welcomes you to this podcast with news of April’s free event. Kim will serve as our guide to online dating and online relationships in particular. To learn about this event, please subscribe to the Events List. You can do this from any page on our site. It takes place April 25, and the … Read more