Lisa Unfortunately Doesn’t Get A Birthday Sale

today’s episode includes some important news, especially relevant if you’re a QCast user. Mystic access recently switched podcast hosts, and because our new host works strictly over a secure server, QCast will no longer play our podcast. We have attempted to talk with the developer about this issue more than once, but nothing has been … Read more

The Kim And Peter Show

We’re eager to jump right in to the news, and to tell you about a free class detailing all the BrailleNote Touch Plus has to offer. Find all the details here, and come join us! In order to bring you the most complete information possible, we are moving back the start dates for our iOS … Read more

Little Ballerina Dot

The team starts out this podcast with news of iOS Modules. Lessons 13-18 are now complete, and can be purchased from our site. Our final set of six modules starts in April, and can be ordered now The BrailleNote Touch Plus is in the house! We talk about an upcoming class and tutorial on this … Read more

The Great Purse Change

After welcoming you to the podcast, we provide a demonstration of how to apply points to your order. We also answer questions about adding your birthday and the updated BrailleNote Touch. We also tell you a little about upcoming iOS modules. These are not yet ready for pre-order, but should be shortly. Our free class … Read more

The Dinosaur Protection Group

We begin by reminding listeners that only two modules remain in this series of six. Visit our site to check them out. Our as yet untitled class on music subscription services will take place on Thursday February 28, 2019. To get info about this, as well as our other free events, please subscribe to the … Read more

I Started Calling It An Everything Bag

Welcome, everyone, to the podcast. We start by talking about the three remaining iOS modules Our free event for February is called The Power of Your Voice. To be updated about all upcoming free events, please subscribe to the Events list from our homepage. We are pleased to announce that a book on which the … Read more

What Money? It’s January.

We are happy to be back in the New Year, sitting down to record the podcast so we can share the exciting things that are happening at Mystic Access. Our next free class will be held Thursday, January 31, and is called The Power of Your Voice. We’ll be discussing everything from hardware to software, … Read more

In with The New

Happy New Year from the team… you’ll be receiving this episode on New Year’s Day. And, yes, we prerecorded it. LOL We begin by reminding you that you still have time to register for our newest batch of iOS modules. Learn more and sign up at this link, or give us a call to order … Read more