We can Call Jenny

We can’t believe we’ve reached the final podcast of the year. We begin this last annual edition by announcing our January 2021 free event. This one is all about the Evo E10 DAISY media player. We’ve already created a basic demo for this innovative little device, available from the above-linked product page, but this event … Read more

Dance On One Foot

Chris and Kim discuss the situation of holiday shipping. They are pleased to announce the Windows 10 tutorial is currently available for purchase. Chris and Kim sahre what they got each other for Christmas. Lisa joins us for the anual food edition podcast where she and Kim each share a recipe you may wish to … Read more

Super Secret Project

In this episode we start by thanking everyone that was able to join us last Friday for our virtual open house. A good time was had by all. Next we talk about three new products that are either available such as our Fire Tablet tutorial. We also announce our Windows 10 tutorial that is currently … Read more

A New Home for Christmas

It’s almost time for Black Friday madness here in Mystic Access Land, and we’re excited to share about everything we’re doing to make your holidays a little brighter. Plus, there are two segments in the castle this time around, so stay tuned for all the fun! We have multiple specials which will begin on Thanksgiving … Read more

Little Pink Gloves

In this episode Chris and Kim make some announcements. They talk about November’s free class andremind us about the virtual open house on November 27th. It will be a good time for all. For those that weren’t abale to take advantage of the ghost coupon in October, they managed to sneak in another coupon. Listen … Read more

A Rising Tide Floats All Boats

Today’s episode features a very interesting castle interview, but we begin with several important announcements. Our October free event will deal with making sure those many and varied household tasks are accessible to you. There are tons of ways to conduct tasks, and many modifications or tricks one can use to make a task easier. … Read more

Create Your Stash Your Way!

We start out this episode with some timely announcements. First is a final reminder that our Orbit Reader live event starts on Thursday. We are taking registrations for the event until 5:00 PM ET on October 8, the day of the event. Thanks to a listener, Chris gives a workaround for those that are downloading … Read more

Off By Twelve Hours

This episode features two extensive demos, but first we share some important announcements. Our two-week event on Orbit products remains open for registration. All pre-orders went through on September 15, but you still have time to join us and to tell others who may be interested. This event covers both the older and new Orbit … Read more

Check The Batteries

In this episode we announce that we will be moving forward with the Reading Easily and Affordably with Orbit Products class in October. We remind listeners about the Fire TV and Fire Stick and Fire Tablet tutorials that are currently up for pre-order. Next we announce two new tutorials that will be on pre-order soon. … Read more

Soundify Your Computer

Lots of timely news to share in today’s episode, including dates for the potential Orbit Reader two-session event. The first session will be October 8 and the second will fall on October 15. Both these are Thursday evenings at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. We haven’t yet gotten the requisite 50 registrants to hold the event, … Read more