Mystery Treats

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone on the front lines right now… you’re amazing. This episode has a similar theme to our last one — staying connected, making sure we’re safe, supplied, and entertained during this difficult time. In that regard, we’ll be devoting our April free event to this very topic, as … Read more

Support Each Other

Hi, Everyone, We’re living in surreal times, so while we always try to have some fun on the podcast, and today’s episode is no exception, we wanted to share some ideas for remaining calm and connected during this strange and frightening period. First, however, we remind you about our upcoming free event on the Leasey … Read more

That’s The Best About Living

We begin this episode by sharing about our March 2020 free event. this time, we’ll be discussing and demonstrating the Leasey scripts available for JAWS. Brian Hartgen is kindly providing a recorded presentation to be shared in class, and we’ll also be demonstrating Leasey and answering questions. If you’re unfamiliar with Leasey, or would like … Read more

The Technology Gods

We begin this episode by reminding you about our three-week cord cutting course which begins on the day this podcast is released, February 25. we’l be leaving registrations open until end of day on Friday, February 28, so if you wish to participate, and need to join us a little late, you may do so. … Read more

Put It In The Tub

We begin this episode with several important Mystic Access site-related items, including info on captchas, a review of why we no longer allow Internet Explorer to access the site, and more. We know this stuff is boring, but encourage you to listen anyway, as we want you to understand why some site options are as … Read more

There Were No Chains

In this episode, we begin by telling you about our first free monthly event for 2020, which will be all about audio description services. Whether you’re new to audio description services and want to learn what it’s all about, are curious what new offerings are out there, or are overwhelmed and not sure where to … Read more


We begin 2020 with some updates from our last couple podcast episodes. We start by discussing updates to the Disney+ apps, and Lisa and our impressions of the new features and layout. Lisa next updates us on her Christmas mint-making activities, and reminds you that they can be made for all sorts of occasions, not … Read more