Another Ulterior Motive

Thanks for joining us for this episode. We start by reminding listeners of our tentative Orbit class. It is currently on pre-order until September 15, 2020. Check out the above link for more details. Next we announce the winners of the contest we had in the last episode. We show listeners the feature we were … Read more

Fun New Feature

We begin this episode with a reminder about our July free event, which will be held on Thursday, July 30. If you want to make sure you keep safe this summer while still having some fun during this difficult time, you may find this discussion useful. We’ll share a little about our experiences being out … Read more

It’s Raining On The Train

Happy July. Today’s episode is all about comfort, tranquility and having more balance in your life. To support you in that, we have a couple timely announcements. On Thursday, July 16, we’re holding an open house between 1-5 PM Eastern Time. This is a fun way to meet us in an informal setting, get your … Read more

Crazy Convention sales

Today’s episode invites you to get social with us, learn about some new products, and participate in our craziest convention season sales ever. We begin by sharing about our upcoming open house on Thursday, July 16 between 1-5 PM Eastern Time. If you haven’t attended one of these soirees with us before, they’re a great … Read more

It wouldn’t Smoothie Anymore

We begin this episode by sharing a couple announcements. We’ll be on Tek Talk on Monday, June 22nd, at 8:00 PM ET to discuss the InsideOne Windows 10 braille computer. If you were unable to attend our previous event on the InsideOne, which was so popular that we held it twice, this gives you another … Read more

Aroma Therapy For Your Phone

If you’re interested in cleaning your house, being good to the environment, sterilizing your phone, or learning about a super cool new braille tablet, there’s something in today’s episode for you. We begin by sharing about the incredible new braille tablet we’re proud to distribute, the InsideOne. created by Insidevision, this is a Windows 10 … Read more

A Little Glimmer

This episode is packed with exciting announcements and demos. We begin by discussing a bit about our very exciting free virtual event for May. To learn more and get the joining info, please click here to read this news post. We’re thrilled to be sharing about an innovative product with you, and would love for … Read more

A Braille Label On My Phone

We have a jam-packed episode for you this time around. Chris begins by providing a tour of an incredibly useful Outlook extension called Bells and Whistles. If you’re an Outlook user, or have considered making the switch to Outlook, you’ll enjoy learning about this diverse tool. We especially recommend this one for busy professionals who … Read more

Extra – Hanging With The Accessibility Moving Forward Crew

Surprise, you get a bonus episode. We were recently delighted to spend a very entertaining hour with the guys from Accessibility Moving Forward. If you aren’t familiar with their informative and hilarious podcast, we highly recommend it for a very fun take on tech, and plenty of other goodies to fascinate listeners. We talked about … Read more

I Read With Keynote Gold

We begin today’s episode by thanking a loyal listener for a tip on using the Monkey Taps apps, discussed in our last episode, more successfully via iOS. We highly recommend these wonderful apps to uplift your mood at anytime. Speaking of thanking people, we’re also grateful to all of those who took advantage of our … Read more