Flipping The Switch

Today’s episode includes two very different kinds of adventures. First, Chris and Kim share about their recent tiny trip; a night away from home for a super quick break. We discuss everything from making our booking, our Lyft experience getting to lunch and the hotel, and the surprises we discovered along the way. While hopefully … Read more

The Way That Things Were

This episode offers some reflection on saving, transferring and otherwise managing your money accessibly, as well as a free service that doesn’t cost you a single cent to use. First, we discuss a little about taxes and extensions; we return to this topic later to share the accessible method we use to get our taxes … Read more

Adopt a New Pixel

In this episode we start by talking about Face Unlock on a Pixel 7 and Samsung a53. Next we discuss Carrot for Android. Please Chris updates us on his Creative Outlier Pro True Wireless Sweatproof in-Ear Headphones. Note that this is an affiliate link, and Mystic Access receives a small commission if you choose to … Read more

Cute Little Bunny

In this episode we welcome Spring with a 15% off sale. Use spring15 during checkout on any audio tutorial to save 15% off. You can also activate this link to apply the coupon. Note this coupon expires March 31 2023 at 11:59 PM. Next we remind listeners of our free event on Spring cleaning on … Read more

I’m Not A Human

Today’s episode contains discussion about older tech, newer tech, and a blooper that turned into the show title. We begin by discussing some impoortant (and hopefully very helpful) changes to our sites, particularly MysticAccessPodcast.com and MysticAccess.com. We hope they’ll make your browsing and, when desired, shopping experience much more pleasant. We also give you a … Read more

Out the window

This episode discusses our move to Mastodon, the fate of many third-party apps and Windows clients for Twitter, and a few product-related updates. For those like us who are new to Mastodon, we discuss some Twitter comparisons and basic vocabulary to help get you started. Join our Mastodon instance here. Already a Mastodon user? Follow … Read more

Historical Water Data

In this episode of the podcast, we start by announcing the one day sale on January 25. We know it is short notice but if you listen on the day the podcast is released or the day of the 25th you can take advantage. We next give our feelings on Aira’s new pricing structure. Next … Read more